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A partnership is a huge step forward. You have questions, we’ve anticipated them already. Here’s your guide to everything on being a Hubloft property.

What is Hubloft?

Hubloft is a home-sharing service that enables you to offer your home to travellers when it is unoccupied. We help you to earn an income from your house or apartment by giving it on short term rentals to paid guests.

What are the advantages of offering my home as a Hubloft?

Traditionally, homeowners either rent out their homes on an annual basis, or keep the house locked up for long periods of time. Both these options pose their own challenges. The former means that you would not have access to the home for your personal use at your convenience, and the latter would mean that your home is a dormant asset, which, instead of fetching an income, end up eating into it.

With Hubloft, your home becomes a flexible, profit-earning asset. You are in a position to use your home as frequently and as long as you like. However, when you are not using it, we will rent it out to carefully scrutinised guests for short periods of time - which may vary from days to weeks. This way, you have your home to yourself as and when you need, but it also fetches you an income when it’s not being used by you.

How is Hubloft different from other listing sites like booking.com or Airbnb?

Hubloft is more than just a listing platform. We offer end-to-end solutions to home-owners who list with us. This includes creating professional listings on various marketing channels, converting inquiries into bookings, securing payments from guests and supporting guests throughout their stay.

What are the norms for listing my home with Hubloft?

We adhere to a rigorous set of quality standards when evaluating a potential home. Your rental space should be fully functional and furnished according to industrial standards.You also need to provide the essentials required to host a comfortable stay for the guests. But don’t worry - once you list with us, we will work with you to ensure that everything is in place.

How much does it cost to work with Hubloft?

We do not charge membership fees or set-cup costs once we approve of your home. Ours is a performance-based model, and we absorb a commission based on the booking value we send you.

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