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This website is a property of Hubloft Vacation rentals, a platform exclusively meant for providing information on our services and undertakings. This is our only official website and all the information provided on this website is copyrighted. We, however, take no responsibility regarding the information you see about the third parties featured here or their claims and we expect you to either consult with us or ensure its credibility before acting upon them. All the data presented here is purely on an informational basis, intended for our guests and other collaborators and cannot be used for academic or legal references.

Hubloft doesn’t give you rights to breach the rights or privacy of guests, speakers or third party collaborators featured on this website and upon doing so, you are liable to the consequences that may follow. Hubloft works and operates under the IPC (Indian Penal Code) and the laws regarding Intellectual Property and cyber safety and as our guest, collaborator or representative if you function against the provisions of it, Hubloft will not be answerable to the same.

Use of Logo, Tagline or Other Information

This website prohibits reuse or reproduction of the brand name ‘Hubloft’, our logo, concept, website information or data in manner. Though this website is accessible to the public, reproduction of any kind of graphics cited here will not be tolerated, and our management will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the same. In case we spot any illegal use of our information or branding, we will be proceeding with legal action against individuals/organisations responsible for the same, with adherence to IP law.

You can download, copy or make hard copies of information on this website for your personal use but you are forbidden from distributing, reproducing or representing the same for marketing or commercial purposes.

You may not reproduce our branding content, privacy or terms for use in any other business. Upon noticing the same, our management will be forced to resort to legal actions.

This is the only official platform for Hubloft and our social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) have been embedded on this website. Any other unofficial reproduction of the identity of this brand is illegal. Any information you come across on the internet that doesn’t belong to our official platforms is not guided by these terms and loss or damage to life or property, abuse or harassment resulting from the same cannot be attributed to Hubloft or its representatives.

Third Party Liability and Endorsement

Being a networking platform that connects service providers and consumers, we feature third parties and also transfer limited information of our users to them (refer to Privacy Policy). We make our best efforts to ensure that all the information we feature here is verified personally and credible, but Hubloft cannot be held responsible for any clashes, fraud or wrong information cited by third parties involved with us.

Any person, organisation or contact mentioned here on our website doesn’t imply our promotion, guarantee or certificate of their credibility by us. We recommend you use this website and its information at your own risk. We may send you offers, contacts or third- party advertisements to your contact information (refer to Privacy Policy) which you are free to unsubscribe. All these offers and information are subject to conditions and must be verified personally by the user.

Opinions cited on this site, our blog or travel guides are personal experiences of our writers, representatives or collaborators and doesn’t reflect the policies, ideologies or stands of our management. Any fraudulent information, wrong data or manipulation presented is outside of our knowledge and Hubloft cannot be held liable for the same. We forbid any third party, visitors, users, members, guests or collaborators from using this website for illegal purposes, sale, groups, discussions or campaigns that don't relate to the policies or content of this website. Upon being contacted for any such purposes, you are instructed to inform our management of the same immediately so we can take appropriate actions to make this website safe for you.

As for house owners, theft, property damage or unfavourable behaviour of guests, defamation or any sorts of harassment faced because of the third-party contacts referred by hubloft cannot be attributed to this website or our management. Such issues may be dealt with through proper channels of law and order, and hubloft is obliged to cooperate with investigations of the similar kind.

Privacy, Warranty and Security

Our collection, storing and use of the information we collect from you is done according to our Privacy Policy (click here to view). Our representatives will never call you regarding the transfer of credit card, financial or bank information or any other type of vulnerable information that could be potentially reproduced or used for fraudulent purposes. Any such contact must be reported immediately.

Any contact you receive which is not from our registered email or through our staff is not supervised by us and we cannot assure its safety. We do our best to protect your data from third parties here on Hubloft and we urge you to refrain from sharing your personal contact details, vulnerable information about personal life or financial information with third parties. Any consequences of such activities will not be the responsibility of Hubloft.

This website doesn’t hold warranties against interruptions. Network interruptions, maintenance or unexpected technical damage cannot be blamed on Hubloft or its caretakers. In case of transactions that get stopped or declined midway due to technical issues, we do our best to reverse the transaction. We request you to contact your bank or concerned financial institution for further assistance.

We strictly prohibit any illegal activities at any of the Hubloft properties that you may visit as a guest, like the use of illegal drugs, explosives, underage drinking, immoral trafficking, physical abuse or any activity that is punishable under law. Our homeowners have all rights to report you to authorities in case any such activities are noticed. You will henceforth be banned from using our services and may have to make up for any damage to property you may have caused.

Consent and Copyright

This website and all its contents is the patented property of Hubloft and its subsidiaries. By availing our services, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions and privacy policy. All information stated here is true to the best of our knowledge and in sync with laws that govern our business and its conduct. Any user is free to inquire further on the same. This website forbids reproduction of this information, its use or manipulation in any possible way and such an act would be subject to legal action.